The Real Home

Home, A beautiful word filled with Love, affection, relationship etc.. In this modern world everyone started a career journey far away from home and our goal starts with buying

  1. Latest mobile phone
  2. A Two wheeler
  3. Good amount of balance in saving account
  4. A four wheeler
  5. A land
  6. A House

We started working hard and hard until we do all of the above, mutually there are love, marriage, expenditures and unexpected things are there to handle but the main course is the one which I listed right ?

After all these years of uphill struggle we buy a house and get settled. When some one asks you where is your home ? What would you say ? The one which u built or the one which you was born at the very small village ?

Home and house are two different things, you can earn lot of money and build a house but you can’t create a home. Home is not the stone blocks are the large compound walls.. It’s lot more than that. “Home Is Really Where MOM is” The unconditional love, the family the relations within the house which is pinned with a single pin called mom is the real home.

May be it’s a hut, It doesn’t matter right ? There are lot of things in this world which we can’t buy with money but only with pure love and Home is one of them 😍 good morning

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