Just a feel

I know that it's bad I know it will spoil me I know it's destroying my future I know I'm dying But Still I'm doing it ? Why ? Is it ignorance? Is it a disease? Or is it what the human nature is ? I can see the solutions but can't make a step... Continue Reading →

Amateur Mobigrapher

I know I am not a professional, My photos are not perfect I don't have a DSLR, So what ? My cellphone's camera is enough for me Yes I agree, I don't know how to place a perfect angle I don't know how to handle and adjust the effects I know I am not a... Continue Reading →

It Was Like A Dream

It was like a dream The place which was filled with peace and happiness Children, Playing with a innocent big smile The unknown uncle who sell candy, A compact home with full of love Mommy's Food, Daddy's rules.. Sister's Child Play, and little fights with my baby brother It was like a heaven in the... Continue Reading →

The War Within

I know I can't do it I know it's against my resolution I need to stay focused, I have to fight hard After all the shame and discomforts i had, I can't let her have me one more time My mind is strong enough to hold her away from me but My heart .... It... Continue Reading →

He, She and The Sleep

"Please Let me sleep dear" she mourned .. but he is not going to let her sleep.. he once again disturbed her.. she controlled herself and turn the other way and closed her eyes.. He again disturbed her ... She closed her eyes tightly and covered her ears with the bedsheet ... No way he... Continue Reading →

The Relief | Blogger Special

Most of us have the habit of posting something everyday, It becomes like a daily habit like brushing, Bathing and Chatting ... when nothing strikes your mind to write a post.. Don't be upset and stress yourself.. Blogging is not a duty to do in a regular interval of time, It's just a way to... Continue Reading →

The Knight and The Dark Lord

There the knight standing in the middle of the dark land fighting the dark lord and his evil forces.. His Armor shines like a white sun the grey symbol in the armour represent his sacred vow. The knight has his army which fights with him in this endless battle to stop the dark lord from... Continue Reading →

The Hunter Who Saved The Day

She was crying and screaming for help, In no matter of time when I heard it I headed towards the way the voice came from. There she was standing in fear... near her a trouble maker. I strongly opposes mugging/ attacking mainly towards women, I believe that Men are created strong to protect women. I... Continue Reading →

The Bazzar Beauty | JoAT

It was a dark night. We were in my room and I was holding her and my eyes can't move away from seeing her. All of sudden that tragedy happened, She was struggling, I helped her but nothing really works. She died in my very hand 😔 I was too depressed and literally dumb. Without... Continue Reading →

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