Another Usual Day | Daily Post

He can't hear a thing.... Dust and smoke covered his sight... His dress is full of mud and blood stains... His leg can't stand and the pain increases.... He fell down in the ground Bewildered and unconscious. All because of the gun shot in his left ear.... Slowly his consciousness came back to normal.. He again started... Continue Reading →

Who Am I to Permit ?

Hi My dear idiot, You are asking for my love My whole attention And asking permission to have a place in my heart and my soul You forget one thing You are my everything, Who am i to permit you ? Take me as yours Hold me tight, As tight as i can merge with you... Continue Reading →

Earring and the Pain| JoAT

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize She was crying in pain, Her mother tried to calm her but she is not stopping… Earrings, Every thing because of you … Piercing is a unbearable pain to a child right ? But she is not crying because of the pain caused by piercing… how about she don’t have one... Continue Reading →

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