A letter to my blogging partner đŸ˜˜

We came here separately but at the same time We were to baby bloggers crawling around the community pool My idiotic posts and her casual posts links us by likes and comments We started to follow each other We admire each others writing We started to like and comment all the post we blog You... Continue Reading →

Believe Yourself

After a long time, I am back to blogging.. Lot of things changed in my life Except The pain and the disappointments "Hard work never fails" haha what a funny quote... It always fails to me Sometimes life makes me feel that I am stupid and capable of nothing and sometimes make me feel lonely... Continue Reading →

The Best Gift

She... The most beautiful women in the world The most sacred heart in the universe She is the fountain of Love Courage Self confidence Patience And all the goodness in the earth She... what to say... no words and languages can describes her more But i can simplfy everything about her and make it in... Continue Reading →

Another Usual Day | Daily Post

He can't hear a thing.... Dust and smoke covered his sight... His dress is full of mud and blood stains... His leg can't stand and the pain increases.... He fell down in the ground Bewildered and unconscious. All because of the gun shot in his left ear.... Slowly his consciousness came back to normal.. He again started... Continue Reading →

Htrae and Namuhs | JoAT

Htrae, The most beautiful world ever created by the God. Nedoow fairies are the protectors of htrae, not only the protectors but also the life source. Without them thrae would be a hell. To make htrae even more beautiful god created another race called namuh... Nedoow Fairies welcome and gave shelter... They treated Namuhs as... Continue Reading →

Jack of All Trades | Intro

Hi world, I'm shri. About myself : Just a common man surely not a great writer nor a great storyteller, If you are looking for something great and knowledgeable to read, definitely you are on the wrong page đŸ˜‰ We are separated by a lot of things like Country, Color, Language, Belief etc... but we... Continue Reading →

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