Just a feel

I know that it's bad I know it will spoil me I know it's destroying my future I know I'm dying But Still I'm doing it ? Why ? Is it ignorance? Is it a disease? Or is it what the human nature is ? I can see the solutions but can't make a step... Continue Reading →

Right Now

I am really happy for my friendsAt least they get what they deserve for their hard workWise people always says that we have to continuously work hard without giving up and have to be patient for seeing the resultI am waiting for my turn.. Hope this patience won't change me into a patient

The Day When Everything Changed | JoAT

Still I remember the day like it was yesterday, My loud and strong walk changed like a feather in air My car's speed stop crossing 50kmph The strong odor body deodorant changed into a mild one The crazy talks changed into a mature conversation The extravagant changed into a responsible money saver Smoking and drinking... Continue Reading →

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