Early Morning

Having the habit of waking up late in the morning ? Then you can know what I am trying to say.. Everyday I wake up at 9 AM I have never seen a sunrise But unfortunately today I have to getup early to catch a bus Really man... Really .... It's seems like I am... Continue Reading →


A self Motivation

I love blogging I love to write I have a lot of things to share But These days I can't write anything even I have a lot in my mind to share I am confused and stuck Life is throwing big rocks at me, I faced all of them like a feather But nowadays ........ Continue Reading →

The Terrific Incident

I was drowning in a lake.. I can see my friend jumping into water to save me but I also know that I can't hold my breath till he reach me .. The myth was true "water push you up 3 times before you drown"... It's the second push where I can see my friend... Continue Reading →


Sunset .... A smooth breeze .... Followed by a drizzling rain .. a bike ride in that rain with our favorite music playing in ear phone.. When body gets too cold... Stopping the bike at some tea shop and having a hot tea... Awesome... Definitely no one hates this 😍 #Feeling_Awesome

Believe Yourself

After a long time, I am back to blogging.. Lot of things changed in my life Except The pain and the disappointments "Hard work never fails" haha what a funny quote... It always fails to me Sometimes life makes me feel that I am stupid and capable of nothing and sometimes make me feel lonely... Continue Reading →

The Best Gift

She... The most beautiful women in the world The most sacred heart in the universe She is the fountain of Love Courage Self confidence Patience And all the goodness in the earth She... what to say... no words and languages can describes her more But i can simplfy everything about her and make it in... Continue Reading →

Amateur Mobigrapher

I know I am not a professional, My photos are not perfect I don't have a DSLR, So what ? My cellphone's camera is enough for me Yes I agree, I don't know how to place a perfect angle I don't know how to handle and adjust the effects I know I am not a... Continue Reading →

Another Usual Day | Daily Post

He can't hear a thing.... Dust and smoke covered his sight... His dress is full of mud and blood stains... His leg can't stand and the pain increases.... He fell down in the ground Bewildered and unconscious. All because of the gun shot in his left ear.... Slowly his consciousness came back to normal.. He again started... Continue Reading →

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