The Knight and The Dark Lord

There the knight standing in the middle of the dark land fighting the dark lord and his evil forces.. His Armor shines like a white sun the grey symbol in the armour represent his sacred vow. The knight has his army which fights with him in this endless battle to stop the dark lord from... Continue Reading →

The God Who Feeds

White collar Job, Every parents dream for their children, especially poor and middle class parents. They want their children to enjoy the life which they once want to be theirs and they want their children to be out of all the problems which they are facing.  That's why they accept all the troubles (financially, physically... Continue Reading →

The Hunter Who Saved The Day

She was crying and screaming for help, In no matter of time when I heard it I headed towards the way the voice came from. There she was standing in fear... near her a trouble maker. I strongly opposes mugging/ attacking mainly towards women, I believe that Men are created strong to protect women. I... Continue Reading →

The So Called …

We are here standing near you and watching everything The poverty which is killing lots innocent life like a piece of cake The deforestation which is burning people alive The violence which is merciless and even more cruel when targets women The politics and corruption which is ruling the nation and leading it to hell... Continue Reading →

The Little Big

Littering, One of the most intolerable habits widely existing in most of developing countries. Even a literate person also do it. When I asked about this to some of them they just blame other people and the government but no one is ready to accept their mistake. Awareness meetings and posters are also a waste... Continue Reading →

The Day When Everything Changed | JoAT

Still I remember the day like it was yesterday, My loud and strong walk changed like a feather in air My car's speed stop crossing 50kmph The strong odor body deodorant changed into a mild one The crazy talks changed into a mature conversation The extravagant changed into a responsible money saver Smoking and drinking... Continue Reading →

The Bazzar Beauty | JoAT

It was a dark night. We were in my room and I was holding her and my eyes can't move away from seeing her. All of sudden that tragedy happened, She was struggling, I helped her but nothing really works. She died in my very hand 😔 I was too depressed and literally dumb. Without... Continue Reading →

The Real Home

Home, A beautiful word filled with Love, affection, relationship etc.. In this modern world everyone started a career journey far away from home and our goal starts with buying Latest mobile phone A Two wheeler Good amount of balance in saving account A four wheeler A land A House We started working hard and hard... Continue Reading →

Modern Day Vampires and Zombies

Change is the only thing that never changes, It applies to all the things in the universe right ? The appearance of the vampire and zombies are also changed. Yes don't you believe me, I swear they exist. I found them and even I'm seeing them everyday. If you don't trust this I will prove... Continue Reading →

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