Just a feel

I know that it's bad I know it will spoil me I know it's destroying my future I know I'm dying But Still I'm doing it ? Why ? Is it ignorance? Is it a disease? Or is it what the human nature is ? I can see the solutions but can't make a step... Continue Reading →

Right Now

I am really happy for my friendsAt least they get what they deserve for their hard workWise people always says that we have to continuously work hard without giving up and have to be patient for seeing the resultI am waiting for my turn.. Hope this patience won't change me into a patient

The God Who Feeds

White collar Job, Every parents dream for their children, especially poor and middle class parents. They want their children to enjoy the life which they once want to be theirs and they want their children to be out of all the problems which they are facing.  That's why they accept all the troubles (financially, physically... Continue Reading →

The So Called …

We are here standing near you and watching everything The poverty which is killing lots innocent life like a piece of cake The deforestation which is burning people alive The violence which is merciless and even more cruel when targets women The politics and corruption which is ruling the nation and leading it to hell... Continue Reading →

The Little Big

Littering, One of the most intolerable habits widely existing in most of developing countries. Even a literate person also do it. When I asked about this to some of them they just blame other people and the government but no one is ready to accept their mistake. Awareness meetings and posters are also a waste... Continue Reading →

The Real Home

Home, A beautiful word filled with Love, affection, relationship etc.. In this modern world everyone started a career journey far away from home and our goal starts with buying Latest mobile phone A Two wheeler Good amount of balance in saving account A four wheeler A land A House We started working hard and hard... Continue Reading →

Modern Day Vampires and Zombies

Change is the only thing that never changes, It applies to all the things in the universe right ? The appearance of the vampire and zombies are also changed. Yes don't you believe me, I swear they exist. I found them and even I'm seeing them everyday. If you don't trust this I will prove... Continue Reading →


love,  A word filled with a lot of mixed emotions, The word which gives the most happiest moments as well as the most saddest ones. Important part of being in love is getting hurt, Sometimes the love itself is a medicine but most of the time we ends with silence and loneliness. Now world shrunk... Continue Reading →

The Starting Point | JoAT

I was on a crowded market, Walking alone and Enjoying the evening with loneliness. The street is full of small shops, Literally you can find everything in that tiny little world and we called it as Buzzar. Men's eyes are having a special ability, It won't care about the problem he is in.. If they... Continue Reading →

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