Who Am I to Permit ?

Hi My dear idiot, You are asking for my love My whole attention And asking permission to have a place in my heart and my soul You forget one thing You are my everything, Who am i to permit you ? Take me as yours Hold me tight, As tight as i can merge with you... Continue Reading →

Htrae and Namuhs | JoAT

Htrae, The most beautiful world ever created by the God. Nedoow fairies are the protectors of htrae, not only the protectors but also the life source. Without them thrae would be a hell. To make htrae even more beautiful god created another race called namuh... Nedoow Fairies welcome and gave shelter... They treated Namuhs as... Continue Reading →

Earring and the Pain| JoAT

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize She was crying in pain, Her mother tried to calm her but she is not stopping… Earrings, Every thing because of you … Piercing is a unbearable pain to a child right ? But she is not crying because of the pain caused by piercing… how about she don’t have one... Continue Reading →

The Sixth Nomination |Liebster Award

This nomination is little bit more special to me which is given to me by https://strawberrykettle.wordpress.com/ KRISSY. Whenever i see her posts i can feel a version of my mom there. As a great mom i admire  you a lot and your posts. Its a great honour. Thanks a lot for nominating me. via Liebster Award... Continue Reading →

The Fifth Nomination | LIEBSTER AWARD

My mind is flooded with happiness because of the nomination. This time i am nominated by a person whom i liked for her bold attitude, The confidence she had on her which reflects in her words.. Hi https://letstalkaboutitnikki.wordpress.com/ NIKKI, Thanks a lot for nomination Hope our friendship will always stay healthy. Keep Rocking.... via Liebster Award...Who... Continue Reading →

He, She and The Sleep

"Please Let me sleep dear" she mourned .. but he is not going to let her sleep.. he once again disturbed her.. she controlled herself and turn the other way and closed her eyes.. He again disturbed her ... She closed her eyes tightly and covered her ears with the bedsheet ... No way he... Continue Reading →

The Second Nomination | Liebster Award

It's my second nomination for The Liebster Award and I'm nominated by a very special person, My partner in blogging.. The first friend gifted to me by the blogging world https://sunnybrookfarm92631041.wordpress.com/  BECCA. Thanks a lot becca, I'm so happy and proud to receive this from you.. You always support my blog more than anyone. I hope... Continue Reading →

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