Another Usual Day | Daily Post

He can't hear a thing.... Dust and smoke covered his sight... His dress is full of mud and blood stains... His leg can't stand and the pain increases.... He fell down in the ground Bewildered and unconscious. All because of the gun shot in his left ear.... Slowly his consciousness came back to normal.. He again started... Continue Reading →

It Was Like A Dream

It was like a dream The place which was filled with peace and happiness Children, Playing with a innocent big smile The unknown uncle who sell candy, A compact home with full of love Mommy's Food, Daddy's rules.. Sister's Child Play, and little fights with my baby brother It was like a heaven in the... Continue Reading →

The War Within

I know I can't do it I know it's against my resolution I need to stay focused, I have to fight hard After all the shame and discomforts i had, I can't let her have me one more time My mind is strong enough to hold her away from me but My heart .... It... Continue Reading →

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