The Fourth Nomination | Versatile Blogger Award

This is the first nomination for VERSATILE Blogger Award.. What would be greater than getting nominated continuously by the bloggers whom you admire the most. I thank you so much for nominating me for this award. I don’t know whether i deserve it or not ? But I’m honoured and will try to make my post and blog to the standard which all of you are looking for. Once again thanks a lot buddy.

via The Versatile Blogger Award



The rules for this one are quite simple!

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award.


7 interesting facts about myelf

  1. When you ask questions like this I will freeze and definitely not able to answer. but let me try..
  2. I’m a Game of Thrones fan and I have a crush on Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel), Let the mother of dragons have mercy on me.
  3. Back then I was too lazy and my father joined me in a football team so that i will run and play a lot and be healthy… That’s how i became the best Goalkeeper of my school.
  4. I’m a jovial person but dont mess with me while I’m eating …. My face would turn red and you have to face the wrath of red hulk…. I’m a FOODIE if i share my FOOD i DIE…. Exactly like joey from friends series.
  5. I’m trying to learn klingon and dothraki  ;P
  6. Alarms are the one which i hate the most in this world.
  7. I believe in ghosts and i’m a little afraid…… May be not a little…. let us change the topic (Hope nothing stands behind my back and seeing what i’m typing god god god help me) Keep this as a secret and don’t tell anyone ok ? 😉

My nominees are


Hope you all accept my nomination. Thanks a lot in advance. Happy Blogging.

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