The Knight and The Dark Lord

There the knight standing in the middle of the dark land fighting the dark lord and his evil forces.. His Armor shines like a white sun the grey symbol in the armour represent his sacred vow. The knight has his army which fights with him in this endless battle to stop the dark lord from capturing all the land and the people living in it.

The Knight’s army is uncountable in number but the dark lord’s force is far more bigger… The army is striving hard to get the victory and most of the time the get it too but within a blink vast evil army takes it back..

Both sides are fighting for a very long time to get the victory, The dark lord planned to cut the head of the army, yes he planned to kill the knight today. The time comes, The dark lord and the knight faces each other directly, The fight between the light and dark starts. Evil lord started striking but the knight somehow managed. Dark lord was more powerful he gathered the power of darkness and strikes with full force. The knight can’t defend himself, His blade broken into half the shining armour shattered into pieces, He fell down in the shadow of the dark Lord.

Knight’s army stunned, fear started to penetrate their head. The dark lord’s force started to slaughter them like pigs.. The knight sees his army falling down, He can’t even move his hands. He think about the life of people in the terror of dark, The screaming of people flashes in his mind… “No no I can’t give up” The knight says… With all the goodness and strength within he summoned the power of the light … His wounds healed armour reformed itself and started glowing like a new sun, He started to strike back with the speed of light, now the dark lord can’t defend himself.. He knows that he doesn’t stand a chance of survival. The final strike of the knight made the dark lord fade away in air.

Like a new born, The knight stands and glowing in the midst of war zone, Army of the knight with the happy spirit fights back and defeated the evil force and today the light wins. Darkness will always try to capture us but the knight and his army will always be there defend us.

My finger points at the moon and stars … Yes the knight and his army .. Thanks to Lunar Eclipse occurred today (which helps me to made this story) .. In my hand my little angel sitting and hearing the story.

With this story I managed to feed her the dinner .. But Its not over, I have to make another story for her morning breakfast … Any idea ?? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸƒπŸƒ


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    1. Already sequel is published to my baby niece for breakfast… The outline of the story is … The Knight asked for help to the god of light (The Sun) Which he comes out and vanishes the darkness and brings the light to the whole world, The dark lord transformed him as a dog lord that’s why dogs are barking at the sun…. Hope she liked it

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  1. This is a metaphor for life. I feel there is this constant battle that happens internally in humans between good and evil. I like this story very much.

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