The God Who Feeds

White collar Job, Every parents dream for their children, especially poor and middle class parents. They want their children to enjoy the life which they once want to be theirs and they want their children to be out of all the problems which they are facing.  That’s why they accept all the troubles (financially, physically etc..) to give the children a good education, A good lifestyle and savings for their future. No doubts parents are the real super heroes and hats off to them.

” Be a roman in rome ” I agree… We have to accept the modern day changes and travel along with it or else the world will throw u like a trash, So learning the stuffs to stand in the career market and changing the way of life style to project yourself as a part of society is fine But you also have to keep in mind who you really are.

We can change the outfits, Hairstyle and the way we speaks but you can’t change the self. The Habits, The Culture and The Goodness from our ancestors which is running in our blood, Yes definitely you can’t change it. Adapting a culture and doing a job related to it is ok but you have to equally respect and preserve your own. Most of us are not doing that, We do change and We forget.

It is not only affecting you but also the nature, How your change affects the nature ? Farming is not a work it’s a way of lifestyle, People who lived before did not need money, All they need was with them The Good Food, The Family, The Relatives and The Happiness. When Money becomes the centre of focus, Join families splitted into many, Innocent laughs turned into selfish happiness, Food and the environment are polluted and became poisonous and all in the name of modernisation.

May be time and situation forced us to change like this but still there a few people/ farmers out there who are at war with fate and fighting with corruption, modernisation and pollution just to provide good foods and good environment to live. Support them, if you can’t support them at least thank the farmers whenever you eat. He is THE GOD WHO FEEDS, He is the god who makes the hunger disappear.

Most important thing is educate your children with importance of farming and preserving the nature. Tell them to thank the farmer who gives us food whenever they eat, If you start feeding them with good thoughts with foods.. In future they will do the necessary steps to prevent the nature and farming.

It’s a wide topic, There are lot of things needed to be explained.. but short posts are more readable that’s why i shortened it to make my point.. But i assure you, when you read it you can automatically understand some points and situation which  i hadn’t written because you too had seen these things which i mentioned and you  are also the one who wanted to change that right ?

” Thank you god (Nature) for creating us & Thank you farmer for feeding us”



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